5-27-10         TEATRO ERA -  Pontedera, Italy (Full Band Show)     Time TBA     Tickets

5-28-10         Piazza Della Rocca-Caorso -  Piacenza, Italy (Full Band Show)     9:30pm     Free Show!

6-3-10          Parkstad Limburg Theatre -  Heerlen, The Netherlands (Full Band Show)     8:30pm     Tickets

6-4-10          De Kade -  Zaandam, The Netherlands (Full Band Show)     8:30pm     Tickets

6-5-10          Highlands Festival -  Amersfoort, The Netherlands (Full Band Show)     Time TBA     Tickets

6-19-10         June Jam -  Houston, DE (Full Band Show)     6pm     Tickets

6-23-10         Udin & Jazz Festival -   Udine, Italy (Full Band Show)     Time TBA     Tickets

6-25-10         Amenoblues Festival -   Ameno, Italy (Full Band Show)     Time TBA     Tickets

6-29-10         Museumsplatz – Opening for Joe Cocker ! -  Bonn, Germany (Full Band Show)     8pm Show     Tickets

6-30-10         Museumskeller -  Erfurt, Germany (Full Band Show)     TIME TBA     Tickets

7-2-10           Tuno Festival -  Tuno, Denmark (Full Band Show)     9:30pm     Tickets

7-3-10          Saltenblues Festival -  Bodo, Norway (Full Band Show)     Time TBA      Check Back For More Info

7-15-10         Ottawa Bluesfest- Hard Rock Cafe Stage -  Ottawa, Canada (Full Band Show)     7pm     Tickets

7-17-10         Bluesfest International -  London, Ontario Canada (Full Band Show)     Time TBA     Tickets

7-18-10         Bluesfest International -  Windsor, Ontario Canada (Full Band Show)     5:25pm     Tickets

7-23-10         Ostersjofestival -  Karlsham, Sweden (Full Band Show)     Time TBA     Tickets

8-6-10          Notodden Blues Festival -  Notodden, Norway (Full Band Show)     Time & Venue TBA     Tickets

8-7-10           Notodden Blues Festival -  Notodden, Norway (Full Band Show)     Time & Venue TBA     Tickets

8-13-10         Boerderij -  Zoetermeer, The Netherlands (Full Band Show)     7:30 Doors/ 8:30 Show     Tickets

8-14-10         Huntenpop Festival -  DRU-Park, Ulft, The Netherlands (Full Band Show)     Time TBA     Tickets

8-31-10         CHIRP Outdoor Concert Series- Ballard Park-  -  Ridgefield, CT, USA (Full Band Show)     Time TBA     Free Show


6-5-10          Highlands Festival -  Amersfoort, The Netherlands (Full Band Show)     Time TBA     Ticket

6-4-10          De Kade -  Zaandam, The Netherlands (Full Band Show)     8:30pm     Tickets

6-3-10          Parkstad Limburg Theatre -  Heerlen, The Netherlands (Full Band Show)     8:30pm     Tickets

5-28-10         Piazza Della Rocca-Caorso -  Piacenza, Italy (Full Band Show)     9:30pm     Free Show!

5-27-10         TEATRO ERA -  Pontedera, Italy (Full Band Show)     Time TBA     Tickets

5-15-10         Chocolate & Wine Festival -  Montrose, PA, USA (Special Duo Show)     5pm     Tickets

4-10-10         Fermaten -  Herning, Denmark (Full Band Show)     Time TBA     Tickets

4-9-10         Industrian -  Aarup, Denmark (Full Band Show)     Time TBA     Tickets

4-8-10         Det Bruunske Pakhus -  Fredericia, Denmark (Full Band Show)     Time TBA     Tickets

4-7-10         Musikhuset Posten -  Odense , Denmark (Full Band Show)     Time TBA     Tickets

4-3-10         Tante Olga -  Randers, Denmark (Full Band Show)     Time TBA     Tickets

4-2-10         Paletten -  Viborg, Denmark (Full Band Show)     Time TBA     Tickets

4-1-10         Plantagehuset -   Thisted, Denmark (Full Band Show)     Time TBA     Tickets

3-31-10         Kulisselageret -  Horsens, Denmark (Full Band Show)     Time TBA     Tickets

3-30-10         Skive Teater -  Skive, Denmark (Full Band Show)     8pm     Tickets

3-28-10         Kulturhus Pilegaarden -  Bronshoj, Denmark (Special Duo Show)     Time TBA     Tickets

3-27-10         Portalen -  Greve , Denmark (Full Band Show)     Time TBA     Tickets

3-26-10         Godset -  Kolding, Denmark (Full Band Show)     Time TBA     Tickets

3-25-10         Kulturhuset Pavillonen -  Grenaa, Denmark (Full Band Show)     Time TBA     Tickets

3-22-10         Downtown Bluesclub -  Hamburg, Germany (Full Band Show)     9pm     Tickets

3-20-10         Music Hall -  Worpswede, Germany (Full Band Show)     9pm     Tickets

3-19-10         Eulenspiegel -  Seidenroth, Germany (Full Band Show)     9pm     Tickets

3-18-10         Harmonie WDR/Rockplast Crossroads Festival- Show will be taped for Live TV!   -  Bonn, Germany (Full Band Show)
7:15pm     Tickets

3-16-10         Museumskeller -   Erfurt, Germany (Full Band Show)     9pm     Tickets

3-15-10         Colos-Saal -  Aschaffenburg, Germany (Full Band Show)     8pm     Tickets

3-13-10         Blues Garage -  Hannover, Germany (Full Band Show)     9pm     Tickets

3-12-10         Ducsaal -  Freudenburg, Germany (Full Band Show)     9:30pm     Tickets

3-10-10         Objekt 5 -  Halle-Saale , Germany (Full Band Show)     9pm     Tickets

3-9-10         Kulturetage -  Oldenburg, Germany (Full Band Show)     8pm     Tickets

3-7-10         Quasimodo -  Berlin, Germany (Full Band Show)     10pm Show     Tickets

3-6-10         Blues Festival @ Haus Druen -  Nordwalde, Germany (Full Band Show)     9pm     Tickets

3-5-10         Parkhaus -  Duisburg, Germany (Full Band Show)     8:30pm     Tickets

3-4-10         Musiktheater Rex -  Lorsch, Germany (Full Band Show)     8:30pm     Tickets

3-3-10         Die Halle -  Reichenbach, Germany (Full Band Show)     7pm Doors/8pm Show     Tickets

2-11-10       “Notes from Brooklyn” – A Benefit for the Brooklyn Bureau of Community Service- St. Ann’s Church -  Brooklyn, NY USA (Full Band Show)     7pm     Tickets ALL AGES SHOW!


1-29-10         World Cafe Live (Downstairs Live) -  Philadelphia, PA USA (Full Band Show)     Doors 7pm/ Show 8pm     Tickets

11-21-09        Town Crier Cafe -  Pawling, NY USA (Full Band Show)     9pm     Tickets

11-7-09         The Middle East -  Boston, MA USA (Full Band Show)     Time TBA     Tickets

11-6-09         Highline Ballroom -  New York City, NY USA (Full Band Show)     SOLD OUT!

9-26-09         Sonderborghus -  Sonderborg, Denmark (Full Band Show)     Time TBA     Tickets

9-25-09         Maanen -  Haderslev, Denmark (Full Band Show)     Time TBA     Tickets

9-24-09         Det Bruunske Pakhus -  Fredericia, Denmark (Full Band Show)     Time TBA     Tickets

9-23-09         Fermaten -  Herning, Denmark (Full Band Show)     Time TBA     Tickets

9-20-09         De Bosuil Muziekcentrum -  Weert, The Netherlands (Full Band Show)     3:00pm Doors/4:00pm Show     Tickets

9-19-09         Binkom Blues Festival -  Binkom, Belgium (Full Band Show)     11:30pm – HEADLINING!     Tickets

9-16-09         Boerderji -  Zoetermeer, The Netherlands (Full Band Show)     9:30pm Doors/10:30 Show     Tickets

9-13-09         Cafe De Noot -  Hoogland, The Netherlands (Full Band Show)     8pm     Tickets

9-12-09         Beverwijk Uit De Kunst (Stage Outside Kennemer Theater) -  Beverwijk, The Netherlands (Full Band Show)     8pm   Free Festival

8-30-09         Festival Suoni Di Terra- -  Sant’Agata dei Goti, Italy (Full Band Show)     6pm   Free Festival

8-29-09         Festival Stadtsaal Burghausen  -  Burghausen, Germany (Full Band Show)     Time TBA

8-28-09         Festival Baumburg  -  Altenmarkt, Germany (Full Band Show)     Time TBA

8-25-09         Festival at Piazza Martiri- Sant’Anna Arresi- -  Sardinia, Italy (Full Band Show)     9:30pm   Free Festival

8-11-09         CHIRP Outdoor Concert Series- Ballard Park-  -  Ridgefield, CT, USA (Full Band Show)     7pm     Free Show

8-08-09         River Jam Music Fest -  Lackawaxen, PA USA (Full Band Show)     7pm     Tickets

7-31-09         Sparta Arts Summer Concert Series -  Sparta, NJ USA (Full Band Show)     7:30pm     Free Show

7-12-09         Brindisi Blues Festival -  Brindisi, Italy (Full Band Show)     9:30pm     Free Festival!

7-11-09         Teramo Summer Festival  -  Civitella, Italy (Full Band Show)     9:30pm     Free Festival!

7-10-09         Special Duo Performance  -  Bracciano, Italy Details TBA

7-09-09         Mozartbox Festival -  di Portici, Italy (Full Band Show)     9:30pm     Free Festival!

7-07-09         Asti Music Festival -  Asti, Italy (Full Band Show)     9:30pm     Free Festival!

6-28-09         Parkpop -  The Hague, The Netherlands (Full Band Show)     4:55pm     Parkpop is Europe’s largest Free Festival!

6-27-09          Rollschuhplatz Open Air Festival   -  Kircheim unter Teck, Germany (Full Band Show)     Time TBA

6-26-09         ZOKS Festival -  Venlo, The Netherlands (Full Band Show)     11:45pm     Tickets

6-12-09         Three Rivers Arts Festival -  Pittsburgh, PA USA (Full Band Show) Opening For Robert Randolph     6:30pm     Free Show

6-01-09         Thursday At The Square -  Lafayette Square,Downtown Buffalo, NY USA (Full Band Show) Opening For
Robert Randolph     5:30pm     Free Show

5-31-09         Ribs & Blues Festival -  Raalte, The Netherlands (Full Band Show)     4:30pm     Tickets

5-30-09         Grolsch Blues Festival Schoppingen -  Schoppingen, Germany (FULL BAND SHOW)     Time TBA     Tickets

5-28-09         Maison Musique -  Turin, Italy (Duo Show)     10pm     Tickets

5-27-09         Club Baladin -  Piozzo, Italy (Duo Show)     10pm     Tickets

5-26-09         Sala Consiliare   -  Angera, Italy (Duo Show)     9pm      Free Show

5-25-09         Cinema Eliseo -  Cesena, Italy (Duo Show)     Time TBA     Tickets

5-23-09         The Hague Jazz Fest -  The Hague, The Netherlands (Full Band Show)     7:30pm      Tickets

5-22-09         De Kade -  Zaandam, The Netherlands (Full Band Show)     9pm     Tickets

5-21-09         Klomppop Festival -  Ovezande, The Netherlands (Full Band Show)     9:30pm     Tickets

5-17-09         Effenaar -  Eindhoven, The Netherlands (Full Band Show)     7:30pm     Tickets

5-16-09         Cafe Scheune -  Wredenhagen, Germany (Full Band Show)     8pm     Tickets

5-15-09         Jahnhalle -  Nordenham, Germany (Full Band Show)     8pm     Tickets

5-13-09         Siebenklang -  Bernau/Berlin, Germany (Full Band Show)     8pm     Tickets

5-12-09         Schlachthof -  Kassel, Germany (Full Band Show)     Time TBA     Tickets

5-10-09         Walhalla Wiesbaden -  Wiesbaden, Germany (Full Band Show)     9pm     Tickets

5-09-09         Blues Garage -  Hannover, Germany (Full Band Show)     9pm     Tickets

5-08-09         Charly’s -  Oldenburg, Germany (Full Band Show)     9pm     Tickets

5-06-09         Quasimodo -  Berlin, Germany (Full Band Show)     10pm     Tickets

5-02-09         Moulin Blues Festival -  Ospel, The Netherlands (Full Band Show)     11:30pm     Tickets

4-30-09         Vienna Blues Spring Festival -  Vienna, Austria (Full Band Show)     8:30pm     Tickets

4-29-09         Bluesiana Club -  Velden, Austria (Full Band Show)     8:30pm     Tickets

4-28-09         New Orleans Music Festival -  Wendelstein, Germany (Full Band Show)     7:30pm     Tickets

4-26-09         Alter Gasometer Zwickau -  Zwickau, Germany (Full Band Show)     8pm     Tickets

4-25-09         Die Halle -  Reichenbach, Germany (Full Band Show)      Doors-8pm/Show-9pm     Tickets

4-24-09         Ottos Welcome  -  Erfurt-Schwerborn, Germany (Full Band Show)     10pm

3-27-09         First State Bluesfest ‘09 at Dover Downs Casino -  Dover, Delaware, USA    (FULL BAND SHOW)     9pm     BUY TICKETS

11-21-08          Jayne Marie On Cross Lake -  Shreveport, LA, USA    (FULL BAND SHOW)     Doors- 7pm, Show- 8pm

11-21-08          University Center Port- LSU -  Shreveport, LA, USA     11am

11-16-08         De Bosuil Muziekcentrum -  Weert, The Netherlands    (FULL BAND SHOW)     4pm- SOLD OUT

11-15-08         Bluesfestival ‘08 -   Hoogeveen, The Netherlands    (FULL BAND SHOW)

11-14-08         De Kade Zaandam -  Zaandam, The Netherlands     (FULL BAND SHOW)     9pm     BUY TICKETS

11-13-08         Cultuurpodium Boerderij Zoetermeer -  Zoetermeer, The Netherlands    (FULL BAND SHOW)

11-08-08         Rainbow -  Horb-Altheim, Germany

11-07-08         Jegelscheune -  Wendelstein, Germany

11-06-08         Neue Welt -  Ingolstadt, Germany

11-04-08         Club Bastion -  Kirchheim, Germany

11-03-08         Knoxoleum -  Burghausen, Germany

10-31-08         Tante JU -  Dresden, Germany

10-30-08         Osterkirche -  Berlin, Germany

10-29-08          Irish Pub -  Parchim, Germany

10-26-08         Festung Mark -  Magdeburg, Germany

0-25-08          Speicher -  Schwerin, Germany

10-24-08          Charlys Musikkneipe -  Oldenburg, Germany

09-21-08         The Ark -  Ann Arbor, MI    7pm

09-20-08         House Of Blues Chicago- Back Porch Stage -  Chicago, IL     9:30pm

09-19-08         Beachland Ballroom Tavern -  Cleveland, OH     7:30pm

09-18-08         Club Cafe -  Pittsburg, PA

09-16-08         Rams Head Tavern -  Annapolis, MD     7pm

09-15-08         IOTA CLUB -  Arlington, VA

09-13-08         The Highline Ballroom -  NYC    (FULL BAND SHOW)      8pm    SOLD OUT

09-12-08         World Cafe Live (Downstairs Live) -  Philadelphia, PA    (FULL BAND SHOW)      7:30pm    SOLD OUT

09-10-08         The Middle East (Downstairs) -  Boston, MA    (FULL BAND SHOW)     8pm

09-09-08         Iron Horse Music Hall -  North Hampton, MA    (FULL BAND SHOW)     7pm

08-09-08         Moods Club -  Monte Carlo, Monaco    (FULL BAND SHOW)

08-08-08         Moods Club -  Monte Carlo, Monaco    (FULL BAND SHOW)

08-07-08         Moods Club -  Monte Carlo, Monaco    (FULL BAND SHOW)

08-06-08         Moods Club -  Monte Carlo, Monaco    (FULL BAND SHOW)

08-05-08         Moods Club -  Monte Carlo, Monaco    (FULL BAND SHOW)

08-02-08         Engelsberg Music Festival  -  Engelsberg Sweden    (FULL BAND SHOW)

08-01-08         Fasching Jazzclub -  Stolkholm, Sweden    (FULL BAND SHOW)

07-31-08         Engelsberg Music Festival  -  Engelsberg, Sweden    (FULL BAND SHOW)

07-30-08         The Monte Carlo Sporting Festival 2008 -  Monte Carlo, Monaco    (FULL BAND SHOW)      Time TBA

07-26-08         Norrtalje Blues Festival -  Sweden    (FULL BAND SHOW)

07-20-08          The Orange County Fair -  Middletown, NY    (FULL BAND SHOW)     8pm

07-13-08         Bospop Festival -  Sportpark Boshoven, Netherlands    (FULL BAND SHOW)

07-12-08         Bluesfestival Peer -  Peer, Belgium    (FULL BAND SHOW)

07-04-08          Finch Park 4th Of July Concert   -  Ramsey, NJ    (FULL BAND SHOW)     8pm

06-25-08         The Hotel Cafe -  Los Angeles, CA     8pm

06-06-08         The Stephen Talkhouse -  Amagansett, NY     8pm

05-04-08         Bardavon 1869 Opera House (OPENING FOR DICKEY BETTS)    -  Poughkeepsie, NY

05-03-08         World Cafe Live! -  Philadelphia, PA     8pm doors/show at 9pm    SOLD OUT

05-02-08          William Patterson University (OPENING FOR DICKEY BETTS)  -   Wayne, NJ

05-01-08         Count Basie Theater (OPENING FOR DICKEY BETTS)  -  Red Bank, NJ

04-30-08         Colonial Theater (OPENING FOR DICKEY BETTS)  -  Phoenixville , PA

04-16-08         Concert Series At The Ocean County Library -  Toms River, NJ     7pm    SOLD OUT

04-12-08         The Highline Ballroom -  NYC      8pm    SOLD OUT

04-10-08         Iron Horse Music Hall -  North Hampton, MA     7pm

04-08-08         The Beacon Theatre (OPENING FOR RAY DAVIES OF THE KINKS)  -  New York, NY

04-06-08         The Orpheum Theatre (OPENING FOR RAY DAVIES OF THE KINKS)  -  Boston, MA

04-05-08         TheTower Theater (OPENING FOR RAY DAVIES OF THE KINKS)  -  Philadelphia (Upper Darby), PA

04-01-08         The Chicago Theater (OPENING FOR RAY DAVIES OF THE KINKS)  -  Chicago, IL

01-30-08         Blender Theatre NYC

12-19-07         Joe’s Pub NYC    SOLD OUT

10-23-07         Joe’s Pub NYC    SOLD OUT